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Modesto Milling was established in 1974 as a Dairymen's Co-operative. In 1997, a group of local dairymen convinced the Board of Directors to start manufacturing organic dairy grain mixes. By January 1998, Modesto Milling gained its organic certification from Oregon Tilth of Salem, Oregon, as the first organic grain processor in Central California. Modesto Milling processed, conventional and organic feed until August of 2007, when the Board of Directors voted to convert the mill's manufacturing to 100% organic feed. Ninety-nine percent of the ingredients now in use are organic or naturally mined products.

The mill receives ingredients by both rail and truck. Our 20,000 sq.ft. warehouse has space for finished feed and raw sack ingredients, including many specialty OMRI certified products. Bulk feed makes up a majority of our tonnage. Most customers buy our feed through our growing retail sack and feed store business, but we also sell directly in bulk. As a mill trying to live among giants, we understand the needs of smaller ranches, organic production enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

Here is an article that covers a small part of our history.

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