Supplements, Minerals and Loose Ingredients

Modesto Milling sells a complete line of supplements and minerals, many of which are OMRI certified. Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a national nonprofit organization that determines which input products are allowed for use in organic production and processing. OMRI Listed — or approved — products may be used on operations that are certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program. Learn more here.

The items listed below are particularly popular with our horse-focused clientelle. Our supplements are also available for goats, cattle, swine, sheep, and other livestock, as well as chickens and other poultry. Contact us or visit for more details.

* Diatomaceous Earth #5972 - food grade - OMRI certified

Diatomaceous Earth

* Kelp Meal #215 – ascophyllum nodosu - OMRI certified

Kelp Meal

* Natural Soda Sodium Bicarbonate #5958 - OMRI certified


* Redmond Salt #5987- OMRI certified - available in bags

Redmond Salt

* Redmond Conditioner #5988 - natural clay, OMRI certified

Redmond Conditioner

* Redmond Salt #5987- OMRI certified - available in bags

Redmond Salt

* Redmond Equine Rock #5982 - (salt rock 7-10lbs each)

Redmond Rock

* Organic Alfalfa Pellets #5863 1/4" - 50 lb. bag

Alfafla Pellets

* Organic Oats #5860: whole - 50 lb. bag


* Organic Barley #5840: whole - 50 lb. bag


* Organic Flax Seed #5949: whole - 50 lb. bag

Flax Seed

* Organic Sunflower Seed #073: whole - 25 lb. bag



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