Modesto Milling Organic Feed

Our Products are Certified Organic

Modesto Milling is a farmer-owned, Non-GMO, 100% organic feed manufacturer of poultry, livestock, horse and rabbit feeds along with individual whole organic grains and minerals.

Customers are the main idea drivers in creating relevant and practical formulations. We focus on making feeds for health and longevity. Families are deciding to grow more of their own food. They want something more than what commercial agriculture offers. Modesto Milling feeds do not follow typical “least cost”, minimum requirements of commercial bag feeds.

We believe using a variety of ingredients adds to the aromas and performance of the feed. Our retail sack feeds include blends of organic Atlantic sea kelp, food grade diatomaceous earth from Perma-Guard, organic herbs and essential oils.

We are a proud distributor of Redmond Salt and Clay products. Redmond brings a unique quality and taste to our feed that contains more than 50 naturally occurring minerals.

We offer packaging in 10lb, 25lb, 50lb, 2000lb tote bags. Bulk truck deliveries are an available option.

Learn more about our organic products:


Organic poultry feed: Modesto Milling provides different types of poultry feeds to meet different lifecycle requirements. Learn more here.

Soy-free poultry feed is also available.

Organic livestock feed: Modesto Milling provides different types of feed to meet different animal and lifecycle requirements. Learn more here.

Rabbits: Modesto Milling sells organic food, supplements and minerals for rabbits. Learn more here.

Horses: Modesto Milling now sells organic feed, supplements and minerals for horses. Learn more here.

Supplements and minerals: Modesto Milling sells a complete line of supplements and minerals, many of which are OMRI certified. Learn more here.

Bulk feed: Modesto Milling provides our organic feed by the ton or truck load. Learn more here.


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